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Shoe Size Guide Brief

 Shoe Size Guide 
Zebidah Shoe  Size USA Shoe Size European Shoe Size
5 4.5/5 35/35.5
6 5.5/6 36/36.5
7 6.5/7 37/37.5
8 7.5/8 38/38.5
9 8.5/9 39/39.5
10 9.5/10 40/40.5
11 10.5/11 41/41.5
Please note that all shoes are handmade, so there are no half sizes. The shoes are made in a way that the customer with half sizes should order a proceeding full size.
For Example: If you are size 6.5 Wide then please order size 7 for a perfect fit.
Whereas, if you are a size 6.5 narrow then order size 6.


If your measurements are between two sizes, or you find one foot's measurement is larger than the other, you can move down to the smaller size as leather products usually stretch with use.

1. Why all styles are not in half sizes?
As leather shoes stretch after use and our shoes are made of very fine leather, so you can try 1/2 size small.

    2. I used to buy a 7.5  and was happy with the way the shoes were fitting. What size should I now purchase?
    If you are currently a size 7.5, we now recommend that you try on sizes 8(preferably) to find your new best fit. Please refer to our new sizing chart.

    3. If I purchase and it doesn't fit properly, what are my options?
    We want you to be fully satisfied with every purchase you make from Zebidah, and so, our all our exchange options are always there.

    Shoe Size Guide