What We Do!

Zebidah is an online store which showcases the famous beaded flats, premium wooden glasses and bracelets made out of the finest quality stones and pearls. Zebidah’s shoes are a classic - comfortable to wear and easily adaptable to your feet. These beautifully handmade flats are crafted by the talented shoe fanatics in Miami, Florida. Not only do these gorgeous flats pair well with any western attire, they can be easily worn casually as well. Such pretty goods deserve a chance at the fashion ramps and must be brought out in the limelight

Our Shoes

The beaded flats are the most comfortable flats you’ll ever fall upon. For all those who are coming across this style for the first time, you’ve been missing out on classics! They can be worn with absolutely anything such as jeans, tights, formal dresses or even PJs. Basically these are the perfect replacement for pumps and flat shoes- but with added timelessness and beauty! Our wide range of beaded flats are pioneered by the Golden Matte and Golden Warrior pointed flats which have the optimum quality texture and can be noticed as a vintage piece from miles away. The Leather Trio, Leather Fire, Leather Lumino and Leather Concave are manufactured by the most efficient craftsmen and their leather is handpicked, so these colorful pieces won’t make you feel any less royal wearing it. The Denim Hero is exclusively crafted for the denim lovers and it is a perfect blend of the western and eastern culture. Another must have piece is the Jute Smash- a stunning flat shoe made of genuine jute. The Golden Beads and Midnight Pearl are the most intricately made flat shoes which require the maximum finesse. These shoes are a symbol of royalty, elegance and magnificence. With many more designs and patterns lined up in our stylish yet royal stock, these beaded flats will make you fall in love with them once you try them! The best part is, they are available in all the sizes so get your closets de-stocked, as the royal flats aim to blow you away.

Jewelry has been forever the best way to impress a woman or to express your love for her. It is an affectionate way of telling your loved ones how important they are. So give your friends or yourself the perfect little treat in the form of handcrafted bracelets made of real stone and shiny pearls only at Zebidah. Our bracelets are purely created of stone or pearls and they reflect the vintage era with an air of elegance embedded on them. Stone jewelry is by far the most attractive adornment found to be in the possession of a fashionable woman. The history speaks volumes about the Egyptian and Asian jewelries’ majesty and here at Zebidah, we have brought a small piece of the same brilliance for you. Whatever the occasion is, you’ll find a perfect pair for yourself right here. The Howlite stone is a specialty in its own and it carries an ancient legacy to its name. The Agate, Lava and Tiger stone bracelets are a beautiful piece of work by the artisans and they enhance your complete attire with their dominating presence. The pearls were once the luxury of the queens alone but now this grandeur has been brought forward for everyone who wants to look like a royal queen. All the pearl bracelets like, Treble Charm, Pearl Highness and the marvelous “40 Pearl Cuff” are the most sought-after bracelets worldwide. These accented bracelets with stones and pearls adorn your wrist and add flair to it whereas the cuff bracelets make the smartest and boldest style statement! 

The most versatile and trendy collection of wooden sunglasses also houses right here at Zebidah. From the Aqua Rosewood for the perfect day at the beach to the Summer Skateboard, Bamboo Aviators, Pink Wayfarers and Rosewood Charming- there is an endless variety of wooden sunglasses to choose from. Not only are they reliable and long lasting but they scream elite! So grab one for yourself and your loved ones now. This is nothing less than a jackpot encased in a box!

Zebidah prioritizes its customer’s wishes and their constant feedback. Your satisfaction is our driving force. So keep shopping at Zebidah and update us with your suggestions and reviews on how your experience has been. We are set to succeed and aim to leave a mark. Check out our store now!


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