Why the heck my shoes have no Left or right?

November 18, 2016

Zebidah is not just another shoe company who just believes in making shoes which have a normal left or normal right. 

We wanted to do it right and not just do it different.

Like you know, no 2 feet are alike, even your left foot is not exactly a mirror to your right foot. So, how can one kind of left and one kind of right foot can fit everybody?

It is just that we guys like to be told what to do, and then our brain helps us believe that is a best fit or the best way to do it.

Zeezees are left or/and right neutral now what that means is that the left and the right foot are almost constructed identical, we use very premium leather and the resin to support the leather on the shoe. 

Our shoes totally adapt to the left or to the right foot, just after wearing it for a few hours. Simply said there is no pre-defined left or right, instead your foot instructs the shoe to contour around it.

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