How the PEACOCK was born.

May 22, 2015

When I planned Zebidah 11 months ago, all I thought was that I want to make a brand which is all about smiles and love. We put in 18 hrs of work everyday and came up with the manufacturing team. As you may know by now Zebidah shoes are all entirely made by hand. 

The shoe in the picture above is called 'The Peacock' this shoe takes around 7 hours of hard work to make one pair. As the whole shoes is sown by hand. The peacock in the front of the shoe is actually a work of art. This particular design was more of a fusion. My mom loves peacocks and I wanted to get her a shirt with a peacock on it, but everything my google search broadcasted was something I never thought my mom would like. So it was then when we thought of creating a shoe with a peacock on it.We first thought that we will just print the peacock on the shoe, and we did. The result was just hideous. So I was like "Why not we embroider a peacock with some sequins and silk thread. After around 13 designs on my sketch book we chose this one. 

This first pair took around two weeks to come to shape as we were not sure how to place the peacock on the front, but like my school teacher always told me 'Hard-work never goes to vain' and this design is just amazing.

We have a story behind every shoe because this was not building a product, but it was an experience that creates a shoe like this.


Yash Sareen

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