Why I started Zebidah.com !

April 19, 2015

I moved to America 4 years ago. Had no idea what I want to do with my life. Growing up my parents always told me to study hard find a good job and just be done with it.

But! What about the world? Why no one wants to make different things happen? Why do we start our day thinking just about ourselves?

So to answer that I decided I will start a company. Yes! A company, now this sound money and all me right ? But hold on, I built this company with the idea of Creation , Innovation and spreading Love.


I love love. Love is one of those feelings that can help change a person significantly, that is what I believe. 

I have never seen riches, and have never been treated like prince. But yes every time when my Mom caressed my head; I felt a million dollars and yes she made sure I know how valuable I was.

Just the same idea is what we are implementing here at www.zebidah.com . We go to most rural parts of the world and by our fabrics, leathers , beads , stones and threads.  By which we support the underprivileged population and the underdeveloped countries. And NO ! Zebdiah.com is not just done on that - We pledge to make the most smiles we can. So for every sale we make we take a significant amount of money and put it to the side as "I Create Smiles Funds" and we will use this money to go to orphanages and the homeless housing places, and we will randomly take the less fortunates on a date with the Zebidah.com team.

Yes! I said date. The whole idea is to take my not-so-happy-yet friends to a very fancy grooming and dinning experience. Yes because they deserve that treatment. No just feeding them a $ menu sandwich is not enough. Because an experience is priceless. 

Yash Sareen

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Migdalia Santiago
Migdalia Santiago

October 18, 2015

Tienes una creatividad sorprendente, in estilo unico y se ve la buena calidad del material y el trabajo.Dios te bendiga y sigue hacia delante personas como tu son Las que nececita este mundo.Bendecido seas.

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